Going Green

Whether it is water or energy conservation, Crum, Inc. has been leading the way in the Frederick region.

In 1980 the Crums implemented the City of Frederick's first water conservation program -- Installing water saving devices in homes across the City. Sponsored by the University of Maryland Extension Service this program netted positive results for the City.

Crum, Inc. continues to offer a line of Energy Star home heating and cooling equipment as well as water conserving plumbing fixtures.

Crum, Inc. is very proud of the solar, water heating system installed in the William's straw bale home near Frederick. Utilizing evacuated tubes the sun heats both a radiant floor heating system as well as domestic hot water. The advantages of the high R-value of straw makes this system ideal. For more information about this project visit the Green Bees.

For more information on how Crum, Inc. can help make your home greener please contact us.


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